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Sha Stimuli “Hotter Than July” - A Tribute To Stevie Wonder:
DJ Victorious & Sha Stimuli are back with their next mixtape instalment for July “Hotter Than July” - A Tribute To Stevie Wonder. The project features 17 tracks including So Many (Tight Ones Part 2), Coldness and I Get Up. It also features classic tracks from the legend that is Stevie Wonder and exclusive medley by DJ Victorious. Download the entire mixtape right here for free:

01. Win The Fight
02. So Many (Tight Ones Pt. 2)
03. Coldness
04. Redemption
05. Stevie Wonder - Lately (Live 1985)
06. Lately (feat. Tyler Durden)
07. The Flows (Freestyle)
08. Overjoyed
09. I’m A Star
10. These 3 Words
11. You Will Know
12. Knocks Me Off My Feet
13. Heaven
14. Stevie Wonder - Dreamed You Leave in Summer
15. I Get Up
16. Stevie Wonder - Medley (By DJ Victorious)
17. Free! (feat. Tyler Durden) (Bonus Track)

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Download Link: DJ_Victorious_Presents_

~Neil Diamonds~

  1. Since we’re on the originals tip….These are a must have if you like the classics that provided all the break beats for todays beats …Many hidden treasures on these tapes.All from the original records.. A crate diggers dream….Mixed together seamlessly.

    Much thanks to the original poster..My tapes were jacked out of the whip years ago!!

    va-conmen-veteranos-2000-cms //

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    va-conmen-the_masters-2002-cms //

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    va - conmen - vol. 5 dont even //

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