DJ Bedz

Around town, DJ Bedz just dropped a real hot mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid called Mile High Shadyville featuring a handful of local acts. Although I felt like cats like Distrakt, Life Crew collective or some Eastside folks like Dez or Dankside would have been a dope addition, the mix is still a real solid effort. He's also offering the mixtape for free download. Get it here.
Oh, and one more thing, the "Red Hot Remixes" were done by local producer Red Hot Beats. He's currently producing stuff for Melissa Lujan, Berg (on Melo's Krossover label) and other cats. Keep an eye out!


While it's true that Moore doesn't quite have, or even bother to attempt, the glass, mirror and other assorted valuable shattering range of fellow R&B songstresses such as Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, she does sing her ass off in a much more subtle but just as high impact way.

It doesn't hurt that Moore looks absolutely fabulous at the age of 41.

Her voice hasn't cracked, diminished or lost its luster through the years, either. She's a singer ripe for the average Jane's taking.

On the album, Moore prefers to keep things level and to hang out smack dab in the middle of the road, establishing herself as somewhat of a diva by the people, of the people and for the people.

Love the Woman is a warm 'n cozy slice of urban, yet adult contemporary music that any gal who likes to sip on a Cosmopolitan or to have Sex and the City DVD marathons with her girlfriends.

For the most part, Moore's songs are slow, but she isn't afraid to speed up the tempo and invite her listeners in for a little barefoot dance session, either.



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New HipHop

Dolla & Akon - She’s So Fine ( 2oo8 )
Ciara Feat. Ludacris - High Price ( Full - 2oo8 )
Gabriel Antonio - I Got The Money ( 2oo8 )
Daddy Yankee - Pa Kum Pa ( 2oo8 )
Mario - I Choose You (Prod. By Stargate) ( 2oo8 )
Trey Songz - Murder She Wrote ( 2oo8 )

The New Worck 168 of David Vunk & Seutek

Mean, nasty, smooth, sexy, spaced out and full of energy! 'Kruiskade Beatrix Mix' by extreme music freaks David Vunk & Seutek (Creme Organisation, Moustache Records & CBS.nu)! Electro, italo, chicago, disco & house in a 4 hour mix! Lots of rare stuff! Party Guaranteed! Do you want to get Vunked?
- Newworldaquarium - The Force
- Unknown
- Unknown (Environ Records?)
- Unknown
- Unknown ("I Need Devotion")
- Strafe - Set It Off
- Night Moves - Transdance
- Brian Auger - Nighttrain To Nowhere
- Nighthawk - Eye Of The Tiger
- Yellow Power - Hai Samurai (Pilooski Edit)
- UBQ Project - When I fell In Love
- Manmade Science - Just Tell Me When
- Unknown (Known 2 Me)
- Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle
- Nospy - Woiajo
- Harry Thumann - Sphinx
- Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top
- M.A.R.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume
- Unknown
- Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
- The System - It's Passion
- Max Berlin - Elle & Moi (Joakim Remix)
- Professor Genius - Pegaso
- Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night
- Faxe - Time For Changes
- C.O.D. - In The Bottle
- Yellow Power - Hai Samurai (Pilooski Edit)
- Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits
- N.O.I.A. - True Love (Plathonic Version)
- Bangkok Impact - Taming The Taurus
- Unknown (Known 2 Me/The DFA/The Emperor Machine Or Related?)
- 7th Grand Housing Authority - Love's Got Me High
- Fake - Brick
- The Conservatives - Lonelyness
- Sneak - Thief (Unknown)
- Unknown ("Don't Follow Me")
- Hercules & Love Affair - Blind
- Kebekelektrik - War Dance
- Chrysalis - I Never Dance
- Osborne - 'Bout Ready To Jack
- Patrick Cowley - Get A Little
- Dream Disco - See It In Your Eyes
- Stargo - Capsicum
- Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo
- The Beat Broker - Warriors (In Space)
- Jackie Moore - This Time Baby
- Garrasco's - Love Sex For Sale
- Kano - It's A War
- Starcluster Feat. Marc Almond - Smoke & Mirrors
- Uranium - Car Crash
- B. Rose - Hey D.J. (Give Me A Lot Of Music)
- The Clone Machine - Clone Machine (Empire Mix)
- Visa - Bolero Night
- Ragtyme Feat. TC Roper - Fix it Man
- Unknown
- Herb Alpert - Beyond
- Unknown ("Love Where Are You?")
- Public Image Limited - This Is Not A Love Song
- One Two Three - Runaway
- House Syndicate (Kenny Dope) - Jam The Mace
- Kraftwerk - It's More Fun To Compute
- Rude 66 - The 1000 Year Storm
- Unknown
- Unknown
- Kebekelektrik - War Dance
- Unknown
- Clay Perdini - New Dream
- Interlude In Dutch About Knots
- Alden Tyrell & David Vunk - Lord Of The Cockrings
- Lama - Love On The Rocks Vs. Chaplin Band - Il Veliero
- Neftali's Beast - Land Of The Tigerdrums
- Tommy Bow - Dance Tonight
- Moustache Records 010 Promo
- Jules - You And Me
- Love Robot - Love Robot
- Danny Keith - Keep On Music
- Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat (Vocal)
- Alden Tyrell & Fred Ventura - Memories
- Jenny Burton - Vena Cava
- Nospy - Woiajo
- Outro: Bells

Download the mix here: David Vunk And Seutek - Kruiskade Beatrix Mix

The New Worck 169 of Kid Goesting

The New Worck 169 of Kid Goesting

Yes Yes! It's Kid Goesting again! Another heavy electro/house mix! 'Goesting Draait Door Deel 2'! The owner of Black Label Recordings (Rush Hour) ! Metal Up Your Ass! Some new, some old... enjoy!
- Jori Hulkonnen - Nightwish
- Hercules & The Love Affair - Blind
- Padded Cell - Triple X Syndrome
- Sta - Lvng Clr
- The Shoes - Knock Out
- Simian Disco Mobile - Duke Of Casio
- Don Rimini - Let Me Back Up (Crookers' Tetsujin Mix)
- The Teenagers - Home Coming (Guns’N’Bombs XTC Remix)
- Bumblebeez - Dr Love (Crookers Remix)
- Streetlife Dj’s - Gunn Crime
- Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Mix)
- Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
- Munk - Live Fast Die Old (Headman Remix)
- Pin Me Down - Cryptic (Phones Materialisation Mix)
- S Express - Stupid Little Girls (JBAG Remix)
- KG Feat. Peachesonfuse - Go
- Alex Metric - Deadly On A Mission (Dub Mix)

Download the mix here: Kid Goesting - Goesting Draait Door Deel 2


Bishop Lamont - The Confessional


Normally I don’t post current mixtapes because, well you never who’s watching (Feds taking pictures). The last thing I need is for this good thing I have going with my server company and the law. I think it’s only right to post this mixtape because Bishop Lamont is the truth. He’s that other anchor that the West Coast needs. The Game is pretty much the unstoppable force out west. Everything he drops its heat. The west needs a Scottie Pippen in the worst way. That’s the role that Bishop Lamont can play. He’s got the good Dr for back up and the Aftermath machine. The only thing is for him to drop a retail album to set the west on fire like “The Documentary” did.


Pay It Forward


I’m starting a new section on B-MOORE.NET. It’s called “Pay It Forward”. For those unfamiliar what the “Pay It Forward” theory is when you recieve something and you try to put pay the good deed back to others. With music, I’m going to share music (as legally as possible) with as many people as I can. Every Thursday I’m going to try to put people on to an artist that might be unknown or you never really checked for. If they have a mixtape or just a single out I will post it up. I just think with hip hop in the state it’s in we need to start doing stuff like this. I don’t have an agenda; most of the artists that will get featured are not people I know personally or have any real interaction with. This section will not turn into “The Source” or “XXL”. I just have a love for the music and its only right that I “Pay It Forward”.

The debut artist for “Pay It Forward” will be Aftermath producer (possibly ghost-producer for Dre) Focus…Focus has been a stamp for the Aftermath Roster since producing cuts for the ill fated Truth Hurts album. But lately, the sidelines have not where you found him at. Producing cuts for the likes of Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont and Little Brother has kept him busy. Check out this album by Focus…called “Dedicated” featuring an all star lineup of: Busta Rhymes, Rafael Saadiq, Bishop Lamont and Little Brother plus many more. This is definitely one of the best releases this year.

01. Introduction
02. Shine (feat. Busta Rhymes, Bishop Lamont)
03. Music Grinder (feat. Jay Sol)
04. It’s Not So Hard (feat. Stat Quo)
05. Rule #4080 (skit by Ronnie Jordan)
06. S.T.M.S.
07. I Ain’t Gone’ Do It
08. Back When… (feat. Little Brother, D.J. Khalil)
09. Mom’s Message
10. 8.18.01 (feat. Teena Marie)
11. Feels Good (feat. Mike Ant & Taurie)
12. 4 The Luv (feat. Illa J., Denise Thompson)
13. Weekend (feat. Rafeal Saadiq, DeRay Davis)
14. Whatchu’ Workin Wit
15. Flight 1172 (skit)
16. Dedicated (feat. Ya’ Boy, PhD.)
17. Affairz (feat. Denise Thompson, Kida)
18. I Rock It (feat. Big Rapper Pooh from Little Brother)
19 We Do This (feat. Mami Montana, Epik)
20. Let’s Go (feat. Chino XL, D.J. Revolution)
21. Final Words (skit by Filltrate)