A nice little summer beat for all the sexy ladies out there.. Zaga!

Dancing Dimension Riddim with my man Hollow Point.. i personnaly think this is the best track of the riddim... ''You don't have to do/ All i want you to/ Baby come with me/ Love will set you free/ Say you'll be my girl/ Welcome to my world... Dancehall the way i like it ! GET IT !


Wayne is back 4 more... smooth bouncin' vibe !

Everybody in the club put your hands up! Wine Ma Ma Wine Ma Ma..

De Luna came back with another hit after Whine Up, we prensent to you Run The Show, cuz y'all know we do run your PARTY, your SOUND SYSTEM, your SHOW !

Throw your hands up... Inna Di Air !

Get ready 4 the track of di summer !

Je sais pas ce que serait ma vie sans la femme... Step up in the club now !

Hot Hot Hot Dancehall vibe! Time keep movin' i got to make my way to the top!

Definitly fi sure! I'm give you lovin' hardcore.. SP killing this hot dancehall beat.. must have!

Mr. Evil and dutty SP on this dancing vibe, Evil is as evil as he always be and Sean Paul is simply fire. Girl back it up, fling it up yo!

Sweet beat for the dancefloor.. Touch me, tease me, hold me closer baby..

T.O.K. are back with another crazy track.. fast flow, fast beat, whine and go down now!

Mixin' up soca with dancehall.. girl you know.. i'ma never let you go..

Girls.. girls.. girls.. there's simply girls everywhere..

3 hot tracks from my man Demarco, big up to Killamar! Those are 3 club hits for sure, trust me!

Demarco - Gangsta Life
Demarco - Girl You Turn Me On
Demarco - Slow Down

She said... she want a better man... Boooom !

She said... she want a better man... Boooom !

Fireeeeeeeeee beat! Baby let's party.. cuz i'm gonna take this party home tonight..

Shout Out to DJ Speed-E ! Xclusive! This is a way better version than the original.. Mamace, mamaca, mamasoca! Please don't stop the Soca! I wanna take you away..

Soca from da Caribbean! It's the Carnival season! Turn it around! This time, i gotta make you wine, you know you blow my mind..

From Cecile's new album Bad Gyal. If you wanna party, come and dance with me.. Smujji is fresh!

This is a Hot burna in Jamaica right now! Roll a fat blunt, press play, light it up and vibez.. This is defenatly a HIT!


Wicked Combination! Crazy mix between sweet jamaican vibez and agressive french flow, HOT ! Everytime you wine up you body you make me go wild, go wild. Never seen a girl in my life who got so much style..

Produced by Bob Sinclair this gon' bang the club HARD, trust me..

I don't know why it'll be that way.. I'm gettin' by, tryin' to rise and get paid..

Finnaly out! The full version of this sick dancehall, a MUST HAVE !

SP's back! Just download, and press play, play play play the music!

Wicked Combination, LS, Liberty King pour toute les ladies.. Dancehall Français just too fucking HOT! J'aime ca quand tu danses près de moi, sans complexe sans retenu.. Come fi get mi love baby..

New HipHop

+*+*+*+*+*+*+ DMX +*+*+*+*+*+*+
Prima J Feat. Colby O’Donis - Corazon (Official Remix) ( 2oo8 )
Pitbull - American War (Estelle Cover) ( 2oo8 )
Ruin Feat. Lil Boosie & Sien El Letal - Southside Supastar (Official Remix) ( 2oo8 )
V.I.C - Wobble (Prod By Mr. Collipark) ( 2oo8 )
Busta Rhymes Feat. Rock City & Machal Montana - Let Me See ( 2oo8 )
DMX Feat. Seal - I Wish ( 2oo8 )
Lil Boosie Feat. Trey Songz, Webbie & Lil Phat - Bend Over ( 2oo8 )


Brand new from Tappa, WEGOTITFIRST EXCLUSIVE! This is straigh Dancehall for mi gyal to wine under the sun.. Hot shit once again Tappa, Big Up bro, keep doing your thing, we'll go straight to the top! Show some love y'all for my man Tappa.. Straight up never late up!

Re-Up CDQ Banger.. this is a classic already.. Flo Rida's killing the beat.. And thoses Reggae artists simply bring us back in Jamaica.. That a big hit right there.. Listen and enjoy..

THIS IS IT! Simply IT! Big Ali alongside Lukie D.. this is fucking crazy shit.. will kill the club this summer, if DJs even find it and / or play it.. Anyway, Bob Sinclair type of beat, Lukie is fire and Ali keep bringing the vibe! A MUST HAVE! * It's getting hot, party people on the floor, we gon' play some more.. Burn It Up! *

The Soca kind is back with that burner! This beat bring back the sun.. Big Up to my man Beenij 4 that one.. Shut up and let the gyal dance now.. * Cuz the girls dem love to wine.. like to move dem body line.. Let me see dem wine down low.. *

Hot latino Dancehall.. this track is simply dope.. mixin' a reggaeton beat on the begging with a dancehall riddim at the end, sounds fucking hot!

Rupppppppppppeeeee's back! Straigh Sweet Soca fire.. as hot as he always be.. everyone ina the dance.. sexy lady,, keep that booty shakin'.. Rupee's back in the house..

This is simply ONE OF THE SICKEST RIDDIM THAT CAME OUT IN 2008! The beat and melody is simply fucked up.. don't miss.. every shit out there is hot.. for all mi Jamaican gyal.. wine gyal wine..

- Anthony B - Show me
- Black Rhino - You Nicole
- Carrot Oil Riddim - Instrumental
- Delly - Gyal You A Mad Dem
- Delly ft. Sadiki - Island Snowman
- Einstein - Pon Di Top
- Elephant Man - Clown We Out
- Eloquent - Bubble Up
- G Maffiah - Hustler 4 Life
- Hawkeye - Rise It
- Shawn Storm - 27 Ways
- Shema - Touch
- Teflon - Dem Nuh Good
- Vital - Tell Dem Gweh
- Vybz Kartel - Skin Cream
- Wayne Marshall - Who An Dem

Wickedddddddddd shit by Obed.. get ready for some french fire dancehall This can't do nothing else but to make your gal wine.. * Bouge ton body gal! *

You know Pachanga? Then you already know they are fire.. If you don't.. discover this Spanish / Reggaeton / Dancehall group who bring the club on fire everytime they touch a beat.. Here's 3 banger, once again.. DJs will ask to marry me.. damn.. enjoy peeps..

Pachanga - Si Sierra - More reggaeton and sound of the south, to listen on the beach!

Pachanga ft. Jovele - Shake Ya Ass - For my ass shakin' gyal..

Pachanga ft. Kumbia Kings - Muevelo - Bob Sinclair type of beat, will kill the clubs!

Dancehall beat, mixed with some Reggaeton flow.. Cassidy give his Hip-Hop vibez and shit, thats a hot fucking track.. To be discover right now! * She so gangsta.. KEEPIN' IT GANGTA! *

Any of you remember 'Rock The Party' by Bob Sinclair? Or 'All That She Wants' by Dollarman? Well.. this is on the same vibe of fire.. even hotter in my opinion, on the 'I've Got The Power' beat.. that track is a simple Banger.. DJs DO NOT MISS THIS! To be played as loud as possible! Big Ali bring the party vibe while Dollar come with is dancing flow.. that's simply a fucking hit for my Party People!

The best French Dancehall duo are back with a fucking hot album! And this is surely THE HIT of the album! On the Response Riddim.. alongside Big Ali who bring is big bad voice to make you put your fucking hands in the air! Thoses guys flows is simply too damn hot, i love 'em..

Thats the shit! French / English Dancehall killa! You like Keen V? You like L Rayan? You like Obed? That track is for you! If you don't know them.. it's time to discover theses talented artists.. Enjoy.. * Dancehall musik y'a pas mieux pour fouttre le feu a la foule, donc on s'applique a faire le show pour que tous le monde se défoule, on a la réplique qu'il te faut pour te faire bouger ton boule! *

New Dance Tune! This will burn every single dancefloor.. R & R spit fire! * It's feelin' hot in here.. Theses girls dem everywhere move gyal don't stop.. show yo' waist and give it to me girl! *

Club banger.. remixed with hot french artists Keen 'V! You'll hear this one in the club if DJs do their job! This is french fire.. Keen brings another vibe to the track.. sick flow.. Don't miss this one..

This is some fresh Latino Club banger right there! The beat is simply freakin' sick! Luny Tunes really bring the vibe on this one.. Please DJs.. play that shit in the Club!

On the Gutter Ball Riddim, that ain't the official track, but still hot dancehall fire! Try it, love it, dance to it.. that's how i do.. * My girl you wine o wine and move your waist because yo' body good! *

Wow.. that's some crazy club beat.. French Dancehall that should play in every clubs.. All my hot girls, shake you ass on that flow.. * Si t'es Ok hey, pas de préjugé faut se lâché woho, si t'es Ok hey, laisse toi bouger sur le tempo.. *

TJ Soundz ft. Mr Kingsize - Si T'es Ok Hey (Club Mix)

TJ Soundz ft. Mr Kingsize - Si T'es Ok Hey

New Sean Paul on the Infrared Riddim.. some hot shit like only S P can give us.. This will probably be on his next album call The Next Thing that should release soon.. For now, enjoy this new S Peezy and dance to the Jamaican flow.. So mi go so den!

Big Dj Rizmo remix.. keep doin' your thing bro, you always make those dancefloor vibez.. Over Sean Paul's 'Number One Sound' track and on Eve's 'Let Me Blow Your Mind' air, this is a reggaeton remix.. Dutty yo..

Hot dancehall flow on a Hip-Hop beat.. Million killz the track.. For dem Jamaican lovers.. * Bun a badmind.. the won't stop the ghetto youth from shine.. *

One of the tracks of the summer.. this should play in clubs all around the globe.. DJS, get ready.. Produced by Scott Storch.. Those two Jamaican pionner bring their force together once again the give us this banger.. One of the hottest lady in the Dancehall.. and the King of Dancehall himself.. what more can you ask for? * I'm so fly, keep blowin' your mind and take your life right up to the sky! * Big up to DJ Kweek for this.. keep doing your thing man..

Reggae + Hip-Hop = HOT MIX! Foxy is spitting fire and Demarco is keep showing is skills.. this will be a hit in Jamaica and in the United States as well.. Demarco don't stop.. he keep raising is tracks after tracks.. Who wanna rude bwoy?

On the Sand Fly riddim but not officially on the Vinyl.. this is a special track by right there.. remake of the old school classic by 112 - Only You.. dancehall style.. this is freaking hot.. ladies will get their pants wet on that.. trust me.. * I need you in my life.. Where do we go.. What do I do.. I can't live without your love..


Killllllllllllllllllllllllllin' riddim.. with hot artists on it.. you can't do anything else but download.. produced by Craig 'Leftside' Parks, this is wicked, mi sexy gal wine your ass on di dancefloor..

Aidonia - Putty
Bling Dawg - Licky Licky
Busy Signal - Do Dat
Leftside - Cologne
Mad Cobra ft. Tina Nunnezz - Like This
Sand Fly - Instrumental
Sean Paul - Grip
Shano ft. Sean Paul - Girls Territory

Elephant is crazy man.. For all my dancehall fans, this is simple WICKED TUNE! Elephant is killing everything by now.. every single thing he touch.. Again, 3 dancefloor burners.. Jamaica get ready..

Elephant Man - Clown We Out

Elephant Man ft. Nitty Kutchie & Harry Toddler - Weh We Nah Do

Razah ft. Elephant Man - Girlfriend BANNNNNNNNNGER!

Dancehall with Mims on it, pretty fucking sick! Mixed beat that the club will like.. * Everybody do the energy rock, snap your finger give me a real rock, they can't stop this is solid as a rock! *

Another hit track from Demarco.. he signs a Record deal this pass weeks so you can expect an album from him soon.. He's simply new sounds to the Dancehall market.. and got his own style that make him unique.. Bless up Demarco!

This is a Reggae / Hip-Hop track to listen with a blunt in your hands, or in your mouth! Puffin' big time ganja on this track! I really like Stack$ flow and Jah bring a Jamaican vibes to the track.. hot shit! * I probly hit the blund one too many time Jah.. Keeps gettin' higher.. higher.. higher.. *

Summer's coming? Well.. Maradja bring the sun with him! Hot track, Bob Sinclair style.. the same type as his first sigle 'Everybody Clap'. That's a club banger for all my DJs.. enjoy and play that fucking loud in the clubs!

THATS EXCLUSIVE TO WEGOTITFIRST! Straight from the producer, nobody else have this track.. i have it since a lil while but couldn't post it.. now the time has come.. That is real fireeee right there, my man Atep spit it hot, and the Energy God makes the dancefloor shake like only him can do it.. French / Jamaican banger! MUST HAVE! * Put them up make them see, represent where you're from shake your flag like she.. *

Dancehall VS Auto-Tune.. on the Sean Paul featuring Cecile hit from Dutty Rock album 'Can You Do The Work' here a new version thats fuckingggg hot! * Boy you know i want you, boy i really need, kind of good lovin' give it to me please *

Another hot track by Demarco.. this man can't do nothing else but hit.. The mixing of his voices is simple fire.. This track is kinda relax but can still make dance many gyal.. * Babygirl you drive me crazy.. want you to be my line.. Wine pond di ting.. *

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? CLUB FUCKING BANGER RIGHT THERE! The original was hot.. this one is just tooooooooo sick! Mr. Right really take the track to another level, the beat was already crazy, now the track is perfect.. for all my people in the club, you must have this on your playlist! * We in the Strip Club.. Fellas lose control, and the ladies work them poles.. Got money anything goes.. *

This one was already post in a charts like 2-3 weeks ago.. but it's way too hot to be post in a charts.. Shifta's new single hit, a must have.. * DJ play that song for that girl right there.. *

On the Calabria beat, this is a simple club banger.. way hotter than the orignial in my opinion.. Machel is fire.. * I just can't get you out my mind.. ever since i've seen that wine.. the things you do just turn me on.. *

You've asked for it.. i found time to post it.. here's the work out riddim.. strict Jamaican fire.. to be honnest, everysingle artists out there kills this beat, litarraly.. You won't be wrong downloading this one.. enjoy

Aidonia - In Har Belly
Assassin - Money
Black Ryno - Bend Over
Bramma - Whao
Chino - Dem Gyal Yah
Elephant Man - We Ketch Dem BANGER!
Esco - Top Up
Fambo - Pon Di Pole
Laden - Do Yuh Ting
Leftside - She Waaah BANGER!
Mavado - Ina Di Car Back
Sean Paul - Don't Tease Me BANGER!
Shema - All About Me
Singing Sweet - What Is Love
Voicemail - Give Her BANGER!
Vybz Kartel - Work Out
Wayne Marshall - So Di Gangster Ride BANGER!


Demarco.. what more need to be said.. everything he touch became hits, and this one is no exeption.. This come from a mixtape, and it's burnin' as fuck as usual..

This is the ultimate Dancehall / Soca.. pure and simple fire.. If ladies don't dance on that shit.. i don't know what i do with a site of around 260 000 visitors and i must know nothing about music.. big up to my man Beenij.. you're part of the team now bro.. * Take her, wine gal.. i wanna move your body round and let it wine gal *

Hot new shit by Beenie.. this is more for the ladies.. but when the hook enter, is can surely kill a dancefloor.. Beenie is spittin' fire as always.. * Gal you know fi wine, wine yo waist mi gal! *

Elephant is on fire these days.. god damn he's killing every single riddim! You're the fucking man Ele.. keep doing your thing and make thoses jamaican ass bounce! Those are 3 burners, don't pass by without download.. BOOOOM!

Elephant Man - Boom
Elephant Man - War Is On
Elephant Man - Warm Up
Elephant Man ft. LT Stitchie - What A God

Keen'V is Back with '' J'perd Le Control '' who will certainly hit hard in all the club in Quebec 'n France... * Ça devient trop.. trop, trop, trop chaud ! *
Lorelei.B is Keen'V sister for those who don't know.. I present to you 3 track from this sexy french RnB/Dancehall upcommin' Superstar.. She's hot, remember the name !!!

Keen'V - J'perd Le Controle
Keen'V - Si T'es En Soirée ('08 Rmx)
Lorelei B ft. Keen'V - S.O.S. ('07)
Lorelei.B - Premier Rendez-Vous
Lorelei B - Quand Tu Danses

Brand new Vegas alongside Voicemail for y'all, this one is a dancefloor burner.. For mi Caribeen Gal, shake shake your booty! Gal wine up, wine up wine up! Let's go!

Guess Who's Back ? Yes my man Pachanga with the first single of his new album release may 30.. There's just Pachanga to release two remix of his new hit the same day he release it.. Total Fire !!! For di dancefloor... get ready 4 a Shake Dat Ass BANGER !

Pachanga - Calienta

Pachanga - Calienta (C.T. Verador Remix)

Pachanga - Calienta (Cream Stylez Remix)

Here it is.. 4 track from one of the best, if he's not the best french dancehall artist..
Really good french carribean taste..
Regaler Vous, HaHa !

Admiral T - Put Ur Hands Up
Admiral T - Atchoom
Admiral T - Prayer Dance
Admiral T ft. Kassav - Fos A Peyi La (old but gold)


This is the ultimate remix.. Elephant is fire.. Tony is blazin'.. and you already know this Ricky Blaze hit track.. if you don't, DOWNLOAD IT! * Tek weh youself.. And cut dem off, because dem badmind cut dem off.. *

Hoooooooooot shit by T.O.K ! Big up to my man Roya for this one! Thanks bro! * Gunshot make you scream.. AaaaaaaaaaaaH! *

Brand new Dancehall Riddim with great artists on it.. The is actually a fucking hot riddim.. everyone is fire on that!

Elephant Man - Come Wine
Fire Links - Nuff Girls
Tony Matterhorn - Dont Let Them
Voicemail - Go Nikki