Mixing in the Dark 2

This special live dj set is from my St Patricks Day show at the Celtic, in Saga Japan. You will enjoy some special post mixer suprises, such as my intro, having to shot out drinks specials, and someone hitting one of the turntables. Please enjoy this special holiday set recorded live last month!

Luck of the Irish

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? A majestic butterfly flits across a valley and lands on your finger for only a moment. That moment changes your life forever and you spend eternity pursuing it. You are changed. For the better. A woman so beautiful that you would send 10,000 ships across an ocean after her. You would send all your brothers into battle by your side. For just one chance. To touch that butterfly again.... I don't have any ships, but I do have an army of beats. And with them I do battle. This is the first chapter in my dj epic. The opening movement. Deep and beautiful records, dawning in the spring morning.....


This set and the next several to follow are from a live performance in Japan. This set takes off where the last one left off in my epic....The dawn rises on a new day and it is time to depart. So I call to my warriors in the crowd to rise up and join me as we depart in search of our princess. Not all of us will be coming home, so I start with some somber tunes and then work up the intensity. Enjoy.

A Call to Arms

This is the 2nd movement from my live set in Japan. Sorry it's been delayed, but I've been moving countries again. In this piece we pick up our armor and prepare for the battle ahead. Not all of us will be coming back. The intensity of the tunes I've selected prepares us for the battle ahead. We end this set with the ships sailing off and saying goodbye to our island.

We Don't All Return

Huddling together in the dark of night we await the coming dawn. We chase a dream that may no longer even exist. With no food and only the water pouring out of the sky to calm our parched throats, we wait. Only our hope keeps us alive. Whether we live our die, at least we remained faithful. Through the clouds I see my star, my hope, my inspiration and until I can no longer breathe I will spin records....It is enough to see us to the dawn.

Ocean Crossing

We are the enemy at the gates. This live mix from the final part of my show in Japan uses the strongest records from my entire arsenal. The time for patience is over. We are storming the Bastille with everything we got, my brothers and I. Listen to the clashing of records as the battle moves from advantage to advantage. There are lulls and moments of great calamity. See with your ears. Feel what I feel. This New Years Day.

A Good Day to Die

So I have finally gotten over my one-itis. This is my first set of freedom, recorded live on the radio. I have a weekly radio show now....I will be sharing it with you here...minus my love commentary. This special mix was for my dad who was listening live from the other side of the planet live. poW! I love you all my fans!

Breaking Free

I tried to record my liveset on Friday, but the venue had bolted down the mixer and covered the back to prevent me from accessing the alternate ouputs. Here is a live 93 minutes from me. I had some love from fans in Chile and the USA this night. It's wicked to have people listen from all over the world. This feed if pre-mic so you don't get to hear me, lucky you! Anyways, I dropped some seriously deep prog and then it went into some of my darker classic trance. I just love some of the older records. The second half of this dark set is meant to be listened to at high volumes. I was playing in a glass cage in a rainstorm. So I played to the universe. You can feel what I was feeling. Nature crashing down on me. I fought back with my only weapon. Join me on this journey through the night.

Blue Monday

I dropped this fresh mix live on my mix show Monday. I had fans listening from Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, Chile, and the UK. This mix is dedicated to all of those who took this journey with me. I played records I love for the fans I love. These records can say better than any words how my fans make me feel. Thanks for listening! JddJ

For My Fans

I recorded this special mix live on GU2 to be my new demo CD for gigs in London. I wanted to try a ton of my new digital tricks including grabbing loops and speed mixing. I tried some risks for this demo CD and I am pleasantly surprised. I hope you love this new phase in my style as much as I do. It was so cold tonight that I almost slipped on the way to the radio station at least a dozen times. I felt like I was trapped in the fortress of solitude. I couldn't even check emails during my set. My focus was pure and so were my records. Feel the love and might of the new Dragon.

A New Dragon

I met somebody beautiful. As I craft a song about her, I step up to my decks in the darkest night. I can only speak my emotions through my decks. And for two hours alone on a mountain I faced the depths of my emotions. Journey with me. To the center of my soul. I hope you can feel the beauty I feel. I have frozen a moment in time, to forever remember a moment of a relationship. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, or even if there is a tomorrow. But now. Tonight. There is music.


How deep does the rabbit hole go? I live in the city where Alice in Wonderland was conceived and written. This is my exploration of just how deep we can get. Journey with me to the middle of it all. We travel through our emotions in search of our center. I hope you have the same spiritual experience as me.

Rabbit Hole

Mixing in the Dark

A special DJ set dedicated to the sorrow that fills my heart when I am separated from my best friend. Deep and progressive.

Alone in the Dark

Take this to the gym and run with it. I mixed the tracks hard and dirty to remind you to keep pushing!

Run Like Me

I created this mix for my best friend. She is about to move 7000 miles away. These records speak of my abject sadness. I played to a crowd of one. She wept.

Tears of a Stranger

words are so empty. they are never enough. i'm sorry that you're hurting. this is the only language...i know to speak.....

Nobody Loves Me

Saturday, October 14, 2006 1:38 AM
No Matter who you are, no matter where you're from, no matter what you believe....The sun will always rise in the morning.No matter how dark the night or ferocious the storm, the sun shall rise in the morning.We live in a beautiful world. Sometimes i think we all need to be reminded of that. I know i do. With this set........I wanted to create something beautiful....

Sunrise of the Damned

Thursday, November 16, 2006 4:42 PM
This month I was booked to play the main slot at a reggae and hip hop night. As a trance/prog dj i was a little suprised, but it was a great opportunity. I decided to play drum and bass as i thought it would fight the vibe of the night. I had my first dnb set ever at the show last sat night. It went so well that I've made it this months podcast! You can find pictures from the night on my website. This is the kind of drum and bass i really like, sexy and progressive. When you listen I hope you feel really sexy and nice!

The Beat of a Different Drum

Somedays are so hard. People can say the cruelest things. Work can be so hard. When things seem really bad. It can freeze you. This happened to me today. I felt like it was snowing inside my chest. Playing these records was like a mug of hot chocolate in a blizzard. I hope they touch you like they did me.

Snow in My Heart

This is my special live mix from the Valentines show here in Japan. You can find pics as always at www.JonathanDragonDJ.com . As you will surely notice, this set covers a lot of genres.... I had a big crowd to please. It opens up with 2 of my original tracks...then journeys from dnb to trance to hardhouse and finally to a bit of the progressive...I hope you enjoy this special set. Next month I'll be back with some pure sexy progressive dont you worry! Each part of this set had a different friend friend on my mind. I think you know who you are! And thanks to all my fans for listening!!!! Happy Valentines Day!

Burning Desire

HipHop & RnB

Akon Feat. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand ( 2oo8 )
Saschali Feat. Akon - Tomorrow (Official Konvict Remix) ( 2oo8 )
Red Cafe Feat. Sean Kingston & Ross Fortune -
On Da Block (Prod. By J.R. Rotem) ( 2oo8 )

Citty - She Wanna Rock ( 2oo8 )
Jacki-O Feat. B.G - Streets ( 2oo8 )

Saschali Feat. Akon & B.U. - Tomorrow (C4 Remix) ( 2oo8 )
Saschali Feat. Akon - Tomorrow (HitLab Remix) ( 2oo8 )
Chingy - Haten On Myself ( 2oo8 )
Chingy - Real Talk ( 2oo8 )
Hot Stylz - Yo Mama ( 2oo8 )
Young Ca$h - She Ain’t Scared ( 2oo8 )


A melhor mixtape de rap brasileiro que já escutei! Download aqui.

/ Setlist
track # 1
DJ RM Intro
Vem pra nossa área - com KRS
Nill & Xis no rolê - com Nill
Pa doido pirah (instrumental) - FAD
Perigo - Seja Como For
De esquina / To na Sua - com 777
Só por você - Single
Us mano e as mina - Deeplick Drum Bass Unreleased
Xiclete di BBoy Akira - Madzoo Remix Unreleased
Paz nas quebradas - Corte Mix com APC 16
Simples e comum - com Complo
Vem comigo - Dj Hum MMix
A Paz Dançando na Avenida
A Fuga - Seja Como For (Versão Vinil)
Bem Pior - Seja Como For
Segue a Rima - Seja Como For