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Bleep 57: tafkatafta

Another Bleep, another guest!

I asked tafkatafta if he'd like to put together a show for Bleep. I didn't really know what to expect, but I knew it'd be good. As far as I'm concerned Alex can do no wrong.

The show he gave me is not mixed. Alex doesn't DJ. It's also not a Live-set, but it is a smattering of released and un-released tracks of his some played out and some just faded into the next. He also 'interviewed' Bill Youngman in a Berlin park for the show (very serious topics!) and played an older track of Bill's that has never been released.

I personally feel this is one of the best Bleep's to date. Maybe I have more of an emotional attachment than any of you would have, regardless the effort Alex put into this is appreciated to the utmost and I hope someone hears his stuff who ordinarily wouldn't have.

Aired: May 3rd, 2007
Mixed by: tafkatafta www.tafkatafta.de

Approximate Set-list:
00:00 - tafkatafta "??" un-released
04:30 - tafkatafta "??" un-released
09:46 - tafkatafta "Clixx" Zinch 3
18:20 - Al.X.E "Scheiss Techno" unreleased
21:51 - Al.X.E "Up" un-released 25:00 - Alex & Bill in the park
30:27 - Bill Youngman "??" unreleased
33:40 - Mark Hawkins Featuring Al.X.e "Go With The Flow" Feinwerk (forthcoming)
38:00 - "??" arty rehearsal room shit!
41:14 - L.x.A. "Wahl" un-released
44:42 - Al.X.E "It Was Like That" un-released
49:35- Marco & Alex "??" un-released
54:30 - Aeox "Satis Me" Tresor
59:16 - L.x.A "Yoko" unreleased

Download the May 3rd 2007 Archive

Next Bleep: Vadz (Russia) / Live-Set

Questions and or comments are welcome and appreciated.


Bleep 58: Vadz

Bleep #58
Aired: May 10th, 2007
Mixed By: Vadz / Discogs, Phubriq

For this Bleep I had an acquaintance from Russia supply the mix. Vadim Savchenko AKA "Vadz" used material he either wrote himself or remixed and it fully delivers the goods. Electro, Techno and Acid done incredibly well. Enjoy the Bleep.

"Once upon a time robot woke up and felt himself a bit different. From the first glance, everything was the same, but each of his devices felt like something has totally changed. Inner tension in different circuits of his neuro-consciousness started causing fuzzy logic perception processes. So the whole world painted into vividly affected colors. Constant converting of his thoughts into new unknown feelings and total inconstancy of emotional experience… All this led to the distorted reality, sometimes causing full consciousness collapse.

This condition not even frightened him, he was just thrown into inevitable mechanical chaos. “Strong taste of metal in the mouth” - that’s how his receptors reacted to the impulse. But the most horrific thing was the Inner Press - squeezing the CPU with huge pistons with vast pressure. Emergency charge flashed his mind from time to time trying to prevent global system crash, and sometimes he felt like loosing his mind.

Irradiation strike suddenly lightened his mental plane - he saw the moment of his invention and felt the Creator presence. New time has come, he has to upgrade his semantic centers now! But time, like sand, rapidly flowed away and all he could see was emptiness.
written by: Alexander from Rabitza

Bleep #58 Set-List:
time> artist - track - [label or not] - production year
00:00> vadz - fuzzy logic - [free] - 2007
05:03> vadz - e+a - [free] - 2003
06:53> vadz - psycho-somatic - [free] - 2006
10:47> vadz - lazy data - [free] - 2006
14:11> vadz - fuzzy magnet - [free] - 2007
18:19> vadz - little jack - [free] - 2006
22:22> vadz - fuzzy transaction - [free] - 2007
25:35> alex worm - cyber body (vadz edit) - [free] - 2006
29:07> vadz - horror joke - [free] - 2007
33:31> vadz - granular bastard - [digital distortions; ddd023] - 2006
38:05> vadz - an ode to bender part 2 - [phubriq; ph-006] - 2006
41:58> vadz - filter cunt - [free] - 2005
44:50> vadz - phobia - [free] - 2003
48:13> ritzi lee - crushed and twisted (vadz remix) - [free] - 2004
51:27> vadz - ampheta minno (alpha wolf remix) - [free] - 2004
55:07> vadz - appendix error - [free] - 2006
60:27> vadz - trace occult - [free] - 2005
65:31> vadz - voov - [free] - 2001
70:16> vadz - habit karma - [free] - 2007
73:52> vadz - punktire (rabitza remix) - [free] - 2007

Bleep 58 / Vadz


Bleep 59: Disko 3000 & Tobias Schmidt

Bleep #59
Aired: May 17th, 2007
Performed by: Disko 3000 (Jean-Louis Huhta) & Tobias Schmidt

Bleep 59 is a "re-live". Cynthia Stern of Input-Output Inc. hosted a party in Sweden not long ago entitled "Mockba". The audio from Mockba was all recorded and Cynthia passed it to me for use as a Bleep. There were a total of 5 sets in all: Cynthia Stern, Towlie, Disko 3000, Tobias Schmidt and a final closing tag-team set by Cynthia Stern and Towlie. Only the live-sets performed by Disko 3000 and Tobias Schmidt were used for the aired version of Bleep 59. However, all of the audio from Mockba is being made available with the archives.

Bleep 59 (aired version: Disko 3000/ Tobias)

Cynthia Stern
Disko 3000
Tobias Schmidt
Cynthia Stern & Towlie


Non Stop Dj's "What I Like" Non Stop Productions 03 [Retarded EP 2006]
Passed to me by Brian Gillespie the last time I was down in Detroit, I didn't think it was going to be my sort of thing, but it does have a couple bits on it I enjoyed. Although for the record, I still don't approve of the direction Detroit has gone muscially. Damn city.
Discog's link w/ more information

Bleep #60 / Trevor Wilkes


Bleep Radio 61: Phlokker

Bleep 61
Aired: May 31, 2007
Mixed by: Phlokker [Volker Wiegand A.k.A. "Quick and Smart"]

This is just another reason why Volker should be allowed to play where ever he wants.

Equipment & Method:
The main arrangement was done in Ableton Live, however, there were additional effects, samples and other audio added in using Propellerheads Reason.

Jeff Mills, DJ Slip, Robert Hood mixed
Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon (edit)
Jamie Lidell - Freely Freakin'
Basement Jaxx - Jump 'n Shout
DJ Funk - Bitches
Frank Martiniq - Bitte Laecheln
Herbert - Butthead / Wishmountain (edit)
(unknown) Bells & Milkshakes
Daft Punk - Brainwasher
Can - Oh yeah
Daft Punk - Oh yeah
Mr. oizo - Half a scissor
Super_collider - Cut the phone
Funkstorung - Grammy Winners
Super_collider - It won't take long
Jamie Lidell - The City
Cylob - Scram
Rasputin Stash - Mr. Cool
Qotsa interlude
Limewax - Golden Path (edit)
Squarepusher - Chin Hippy
The Roots - Web (edit)
Wiley - Wot do u call it (edit)
Dizzee Rascal - I luv u
Lunatic Asylum - The Meltdown (edit)
Missy Elliot - Lick shots
lamb - B Line (intro)
DS - Rickshaw (intro)
(unknown) 7's and 8's
Planningtorock - Changes (edit)
Squarepusher - Il n'a pas de chance (edit)
AFX/Squarepusher - Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid
Venetian Snares - Plunging Hornets
El-P - Iron Galaxy (instrumental)
Clipse - When the last time (edit)
Clipse - Grindin' (edit)
Frank Zappa - Toads of the Short Forest
David Bowie - Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family (edit)
Leila - Sodastream
BasementJaxx - Living Room (edit)
(unknown) Living Room
Isolee - dèmon

Samples Dubbbed in:
Led Zeppelin (vocals), Limewax, Bernard Purdy (drums), Destiny's Child (words), Lauren Hill (losing her voice), Flaming Lips (counting), Batman Theme, Michael Jackson (drums), Qotsa (guitars), Liasons Dangereuses, Daft Punk

Bleep #61 / Phlokker


Juiceboxx & Dre Skull "Sweat %28Dre Skull's Dusted Bass Mix%29" Vicious Pop Records [Sweat Ep 2006]
For some reason I almost fell guilty for liking this song. Not sure why, maybe it's because I know my Girlfriend likes it as well. I'm still debating whether or not that's good...
Discog's link w/ more information

Bleep 62 / Trevor Wilkes

Bleep 63 / Trevor Wilkes


I don't know what's up with this EP, even took me a while to find the discogs link since there is so little info on it. It's a great Acid record, but beyond that it's a mystery. It's one of my little scores that have been made. You search through enough of what stores call "Acid house" and eventually you actually find one or two.



Justin Berkovi "Neon" Clone Vinyl 05 [Fast-Wide EP 1998]
I know this one was a used bin purchase for sure. It's a Berkovi, who I've always felt was hit or miss. I think he needs someone to tell him which of his tracks are good enough to warrant release. He seems to make odd selections at times. I know he's capable of truly good records. I just wish I saw more of them.
Discog's link w/ more info...

Download the June 28th, 2007 Archive


DadaBleep "Nikeshirts" RZ Music 20 [Nikeshirts EP 2007]
RZ rocks out again with another record that could have been written 15 years ago, but wasn't.A new take on the classic acid sound. Always welcome in my home. It reminds me of another record that was big about 2 years ago. And now for the life of me I can't remember just what the hell that other record is. I'll ponder some more...

Download the July 5th, 2007 Archive


Luke's Anger "Method To Madness" Tiger Bass 02 [Give Em Some Freq Ep 2007]
I shouldn't even say anything about this EP or Luke. I've been going on about him so much it's getting stupid now. Oh well. Luke rocks. Deal with it.

Download the July 12th, 2007 Archive


Bleep 68: Mike Holmes

Bleep 68
Aired: July 19th, 2007
Mixed by: Mike Holmes (UK)

Those of you who follow along may remember the last time Bleep was invaded by Mike Holmes. If you don't, let me refresh your memory.

Future Bleep Line-up:
Luke's Anger, Ben Bracket, Paul Birken, Hanno Hinkelbein, Chris Sattinger


0/ Edit - Bleep Radio Intro
1/ Tube Jerk - Drowning again - Framework
2/ Flapflapflap - Bitcrusher - Framework
3/ Surgeon - Whose bad hands are these %28Bad hands part 2%29 - Dynamic Tension
4/ Mark Verbos - Source of the problem - Djax up
5/ Popy & Caste Feat. Der Totmacher & Jens Bremeier - Ach ja ein mitzitippelchen - Soundthology
6/ Boy from 79312 - Penetrant - Horspielmusik
7/ Surgeon - Whose bad hands are these %28Autechre Remix%29 - Dynamic Tension
8/ Cristian Vogel - We're only in it for the money - Mille Plateaux
9/ Aeox - She's gotta gun - Mental Industries
10/ Lief Ryan - Skeg fresh - Growth
11/ Sueme - Blollocks - Dot Com
12/ Steph - Fcuk yuo - Ghettofuck
13/ MasCon - Clustermania - Antikonsum
14/ Steph - Rumpelkammer - Null
15/ Sueme introducing Rob the fucker co. noguskik - Freeze fracture - Dot Com
16/ Inaki Villasante - Elevation - Manuke
17/ MasCon & BeNi - Tut elch - Zinch
18/ DJ Shufflemaster - Experience %28Surgeon Remix%29 - Tresor
19/ Subhead - Untitled %28Marcin Czubala Remix%29 - Subhead
20/ Fugo - My first simba - Neue Heimat
21/ Lief Ryan - In spite of the pain - Growth
22/ Delta vs DJ Dex - Jackass - Toxic
23/ Oliver Roseman - Unique haircut - Miditonal
24/ DJ Ze Mig-L - Tight retro - Naked Lunch
25/ DJ Mem - Pineapples & Coconuts - Nasty colour
26/ Luke's Anger - Work that mod %28 Jerome Hill's rockin horse remix%29 - Don't
27/ Carsten Rechenberger & Recall 8 - Bass buzz one - Soundthology
28/ Rune - Hope - Scatty Brainz

Download the July 19th, 2007 Archive


Kylie Minogue "Slow (Tomas Nordstrom Feat. Chill Cover Version)"
I had to include this track. I tossed it in at the very end as I believe it deserves a full play out. I wont bother telling you all just how much I love it. I'll let you decide for yourself just how damn catchy it is.

Download the July 26th, 2007 Archive


Bleep 70: Wifi of the Undead

Bleep 70
Aired: August 2nd, 2007
Mixed by: Wifi of the Undead (UK) / @ Virb / @ Myspace

I first discovered Ben when he posted an old rave track mix online. I liked it so incredibly much I had to host it for him so that it could reach more people. After listening to it countless times and never having it grow old on me and then subsequently finding out that Ben also makes some bad-ass tracks of his own I figured it was time to ask him to Bleep.

Future confirmed Bleep guests:
Luke's Anger, Paul Birken, Hanno Hinkelbein, Chris Sattinger, Cristian Vogel, Jerome Hill

Next Weeks Show: Unknown

00: Edit - Bleep Radio Intro
01: Blackmass Plastics - Tek Tech [Remix] [Unreleased]
02: Wifioftheundead - TwentyFourSeven [Unreleased]
03: Crooked One - Devastate [Unreleased]
04: Surgeon - Band Hand Break 2 [Roly Vex'd Remix] [Dynamic Tension]
05: Neil Landstrumm - Rockers 'The Underground King' [Planet Mu]
06: Aaron Spectre - Say More Fire [Rag & Bone]
07: Wifioftheundead - ODL [Unreleased]
08: Cursor Miner - Grimewatch [Combat Recordings]
09: Wifioftheundead - Damage Limitation [Unreleased]
10: Crooked One - Annihilation [Starksound]
11: Milanese - Billy Hologram [Warp]
12: Wifioftheundead - Needles [Unreleased]
13: Starkey - Bounce [Starksound]
14: Wifioftheundead - THD [Unreleased]
15: Neil Landstrumm - Tusk Hunter [Planet Mu]
16: Wifioftheundead - Wifioftheundead [Unreleased]
17: Surgeon - Bad Hand Break [Dynamic Tension]
18: Si Begg - Hornsey Slap [Hoods Up Mix] [Noodles]
19: Phoenecia - Odd Job [Get Fresh] [Schematic]
20: Si Begg - The Tyranny of Pesto [Digital Distortions]
21: Drop The Lime - Hold On [Rag & Bone]
22: Wifioftheundead - Bouncer [Unreleased]
23: Milanese - Peggy Flynn [Remix] [MG77]
24: Aaron Spectre - Music is the Weapon [Rag & Bone]
25: Unknown - Dead Letter Drop 2 [Dead Letter Drop]
26: Milanese - So Malleable [Cold Remix] [MG77]
27: Bacteria - Bacteria [Unreleased]
28: Wifioftheundead - Plex [Unreleased]
29: Wifioftheundead - Skool Dayz [Unreleased]
30: Crooked One - Let Us Pray [Unreleased]

Download the August 2nd, 2007 Archive


Bleep 71
Aired: August 9th, 2007
Mixed by: Luke's Anger (UK) / @ Myspace / @ Discogs

Luke is easily one of my favorites in the game right now. I've been playig the crap out of all his releases and eagerly await the next. I had to ask him to put together a Bleep show...I'd like to think he had to comply. He did anyway.

Future confirmed Bleep guests:
Paul Birken, Hanno Hinkelbein, Chris Sattinger, Cristian Vogel, Jerome Hill

Next Weeks Show: Unknown

0. Edit - Bleep Radio Intro
1. Dead By Dawn - Depth Charge - Vinyl Solution
2. Woo Haa! - Busta Rhymes - Elektra
3. Program Crusher - Dexcorcist? - New Skin
4. Untitled - Crystal Distortion - Perce-Oreille
5. Schizm Track - Squarepusher - Warp
6. Brixton - Sabres Of Paradise Remix - Mute
7. New Standard World - Sugar Experiment Station - Scandinavia
8. Green Velvet - (You Don't Have To Be) Fake And Phoney - Open
9. Crawling Home To Nest - Paul Birken - Don't
10. Space MArines - John Starlight - Art Of Perception
11. Snake N Pigny Piie - Subhead - Neue Heimat
12. Houston 2 - Bob Brown - Perce-Oreille
13. Pitchy Pitch - Kirk - Coin Operated
14. Untitled - Groove Asylum - Don't
15. Is There Gonna Be A Mac Version? - Michael Forshaw - Chan 'n' Mikes
16. Dirty On The Floor - Luke's Anger - Don't
17. Al Tourettes - The Interview - Growth

Download the August 9th, 2007 Archive


Bleep 75: Dj Loz

Bleep 75
Aired: September 6th, 2007
Mixed by: Dj Loz (UK) / No Data Available

Superstar Dj Loz relies on mainly on the law of averages in assembling his mixes. Put enough together and one is bound to come out ok. His love of the colour Pink clearly shows through in this mix, as does the love of his favorite war: The Fawklands War.

Edit - Bleep Radio Intro
Modeselektor feat. TTC - Dancing Box - BPitch Control
Laszlo Beckett - Bleep Me Daddy - Hand On The Plow
Luke Vibert - ILoveAcid - Warp Records
AFX - VBS.Redlof.B- Rephlex
Syntheme - Hard - Planet Mu
Cristian Vogel - 1968.Holes (12" Remix) - Novamute
Intercooler feat. Suzi Love - Tokyo - Sleep Debt
Uffie - Hot Chick - Ed Banger Records
Jamie Lidell - Compaction Blues - Mosquito
Mr. Oizo - Half A Scissor - F Communications
Ardisson - Problems Upstairs - Warp Records
DMX Krew - Emerging Technology - Breakin' Records
UNKLE - Celestial Annihilation - Mo Wax
Sweet Exorcist - Testone - Warp Records
Datassette - Can You Smell Maths? - Ai Records
Qualia Systems - Reject - Seed Records
Lory D - Bluff City - Adrenacrome
Thom Yorke - Analyse (Various Remix) - Unreleased

Download the Setpember 6th, 2007 Archive
Download the September 13th, 2007 Archive
Download the September 20th, 2007 Archive
Download the September 27th, 2007 Archive
Download the October 4th, 2007 Archive
Download the October 11th, 2007 Archive
Download the October 18th, 2007 Archive
Download the October 25th, 2007 Archive


Bleep 83: Spewis & Luke's Anger Re-Live

Bleep 83
Aired: November 1st, 2007
Performed Live by:
Spewis (UK) / Myspace
Luke's Anger (UK) / Myspace
Coin Operated / Coin Op on Myspace

Bleep Radio #83 is a 'Re-Live' show. Re-Lives are shows that consist of the audio recorded at an event and then broadcast at a later date. The audio from this particular re-live was originally played by Spewis and Luke's Anger (separately) at a 'Coin Operated' night at Club Neurotica in Hackney on Sept. 22nd, 2007. As you should know by now 'Coin Operated' is the moniker that Mustard Gunn uses for both his events and label. The Coin Operated nights are currently the place to be!

Mustard Gunn has now bought himself a recording device so in the future there should be many more Coin Op sets available, including more from this same night. How pleasant.

No Tracklist for these Live-Sets

Bleep 83 (Whole Show)
Bleep 83 (Spewis Only Portion)
Bleep 83 (Luke's Anger Only Portion)


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