The Reality Mixtape DeLon [Sri Lanka]

The Reality Mixtape

April 2008, Ceylon Records
With a compilation of J Dilla beats and other popular beats, DeLon has formulated a lyrical savvy mixtape that provides "reality" on DeLon's roots, his background, thoughts on societal issues and the "reality" on life in a village of a third world country. "The Reality Mixtape" is the first installment of mixtapes that lead to the release of DeLon's much anticipated upcoming album, "Reality Vs. Perception". DeLon's next mixtape will be entitled, "The Perception Mixtape" and will rival the "The Reality Mixtape" as it will explain what is being perceived in hip-hop music.

This series of mixtape releases have been greatly anticipated by DeLon's global fanbase and have garnered over 1000 downloads within two weeks of its release. It has been physically distributed, as well as, digitally downloaded. For your FREE copy of DeLon's, "The Reality Mixtape", simply click on the link below to receive a zip file of DeLon's mixtape!! Stay tuned for DeLon's upcoming albums, "The Perception Mixtape" and his eventual release of what will be DeLon's crown achievement and debut international release of "Reality Vs. Perception"! It's a NEW Movement. It's a NEW Revolution. This is DeLon!

Click below to download a ZIP file of the mixtape!
The Delon Mixtape

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